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Project description

For this other collaboration with Danse Danse, Filigrane Archives is offering a 13-minute documentary entitled Playgrounds. It gives the floor to two collaborators of the choregrapher Alexander Ekman who talk about the setting up of the striking show Play, presented at the Paris Opera.

Interspersed with images of Play, this documentary takes a look at profession less known to the general public, namely those of rehearsal director and assistant to the choregrapher, with the testimonies of Ève-Marie Dalcourt and Ana Maria Lucaciu. An exceptional opportunity to learn more behind the scenes of this grandiose play carried by 36 performers, where a rain of 40 000 balls flood the stage.


The art work at the heart of the documentary

Created in 2017 for the Ballet of the Opéra national in Paris, Play by Alexander Ekman delivers a show with contagious energy. The swedish choregrapher transforms the stage into vast playgrounds to show how life changes our ability to play. The mischievousness of childhood is found on stage in this playful universe where the costumes and accessories are numerous and colorful. Excess is omnipresent, as evidence by the deluge of 40 000 balls that fell on the stage and its 36 performers, a high point of this striking choreography.

The art work at the heart of the documentary

With the participation of

Ève-Marie Dalcourt - rehearsal director
Ana Maria Lucaciu - choreographer's assistant

With dance archives from the Paris Opera.


Équipe de production FILIGRANE ARCHIVES

Direction Valérie Lessard
Editing Gennaro De Pasquale
Translation Diana Tyndale

This interview and this documentary from Filigrane Archives were produced as part of the Webcast programming of the film Playgrounds
This webcast is an initiative of Danse Danse (Montréal).